Performance metrics measure progress toward implementation of the FPHS framework, and are also an important accountability tool for policy makers, particularly if additional funding is allocated to the governmental public health system. The following states have identified performance metrics for their FPHS models.

The purpose of the Assessment Subcommittee was to create an inventory of services and identify gaps in the FPHS, identify FPHS performance measures for the public health system, and conduct surveys and focus groups to assess the capacity of the system to implement the FPHS. In order to complete the assessment activities, the Assessment Subcommittee members also conducted a literature review to describe other states’ FPHS models and undertook a process to define the FPHS for Kansas.

Kentucky’s proposal to strengthen public health includes a section on accountability measures that are based on select Public Health Accreditation Board standards and measures.

This report establishes metrics for all foundational public health services and includes baseline measures for each.

The first annual report on public health accountability metrics was published in March 2019.

This document describes metrics related to the funding for communicable disease control. All local health jurisdictions are required to provide a report of the metrics at the end of the 2017-2019 biennium.