Save the Date: Launching the Revised 10 Essential Public Health Services

On Wednesday, September 9th at 3PM ET, join PHNCI and the de Beaumont Foundation virtually for the launch of the newly revised 10 Essential Public Health Services framework. Sign up using the form below to receive updates about the launch event.

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From anthrax and events like 9/11 to the emergence of new threats, and from chronic and communicable diseases to climate change, the world has changed, and public health practice has adapted to keep pace. What does this mean for the 10 Essential Public Health Services framework? How should it be refreshed to reflect changes in current and future public health practice? Now’s your chance to let us know!

PHNCI is partnering with the de Beaumont Foundation to review and revise the 10 Essential Public Health Services (EPHS). The Futures Initiative is aimed at bringing the Essential Services national framework in line with current and future public health practice. This effort will engage the public health community in activities to collect information and build consensus for an updated 10 EPHS framework that reflects current and emerging public health practice needs.


The original 10 EPHS framework was developed in 1994 by a federal working group. It serves as the description of the activities that local public health systems should undertake in all communities. Organized around the three core functions of public health – assessment, policy development, and assurance – the colorful, circular framework is a familiar graphic in the public health field. Health departments and community partners around the nation organize their work around the Essential Services framework, schools and programs of public health teach it, and the framework informs descriptions and definitions of practice. The framework is also used as the basis of the PHAB Domains.

The framework has provided a roadmap of goals for carrying out the mission of public health in communities around the nation. However, the public health landscape has shifted dramatically over the past 25 years, and many public health leaders agree it is time to revisit whether and how the framework can better reflect current and future practice and how it can be used to create communities where people can achieve their best possible health.

Through the Futures Initiative, PHNCI and the de Beaumont Foundation have engaged the public health field in a variety of opportunities. The Task Force advising the Futures Initiative met in January 2020 to guide the work going forward, review feedback collected during the data collection phase, and prepare for public vetting of a revised framework in Spring 2020. Based on the timeline below, a finalized framework is expected to launch in September 2020. After its launch, the framework will be disseminated broadly in the hopes that it will be adopted widely in the field.



Public vetting open

March 2-May 22, 2020

Data analysis and framework development

May 23-August 17, 2020

Alignment and communication strategy

August 17-September 14, 2020

Framework launch

September 2020